215+ Amazing Fundraising Ideas for Your Organization

Maybe go the other direction and set up a peer-to-peer fundraiser with pledges coming to support your fundraisers that refrain from eating animal products on July 20. Technically, Summer Solstice is the first day of Summer, though many people think of Memorial Day weekend as the unofficial start of summer. Summer Solstice also happens to be the longest day of the year, making it a great one to spend time outside. Invite your donors to celebrate the changing seasons at a Summer Solstice dinner that raises money for a good cause. Did you know that New Year’s Eve is usually the biggest online fundraising day of the year? That’s because December 31st is also the last day to get a tax deduction for that year—and, let’s be honest, a lot of us tend to procrastinate.
The best items for silent auctions are unique, not easy to find in retail stores, and high in value to bring in maximum bids. Sometimes you just have to get up and groove in the middle of the day. Invite employees from local offices to participate in a lunch break dance party.
Your animal shelter or other nonprofit will be too cute to avoid! If you choose to sell advertising in your calendar, you can add a nice profit to your bottom line! Advertising can be sold to business’ to cover the cost of the program and make money. Generally, there are color powder stations where volunteers or spectators can throw color paint on your event participants.
This can easily end up being a long-term fundraiser, where funds can be gathered year-round and set aside for upcoming group fundraisers. A lollipop fundraiser is a popular fundraising idea for elementary schools with young children. While it isn’t one of our most high-profit fundraisers, it is a nice, simple fundraising idea, and parents seem to love it as well.
We’re [your organization], a brand new nonprofit organization in your community. We were founded just [your organization’s age] ago to help support and lead [your mission] in [your city, town, or state]. I’m reaching out today because I believe the values and priorities of our two organizations align very well. A partnership could greatly benefit both of us, with more stable support for our work and extremely positive promotions of your brand to our loyal audience of supporters.
As a nonprofit, it’s a good idea to consider this fundraising idea if you think you might have supporters willing to donate their old vehicles. Be prepared to spend a few days making calls to your supporters and donors. Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas has a low minimum order size of only 50 items, so practically any group can take advantage of this idea.
We’re happy to announce that we’re launching a new online fundraising initiative! This campaign is raising funds for [purpose of the campaign], and will be essential for us to continue our work into the coming season. Place your jar of candy in a prominent location, and encourage everyone to make a guess.
Many cities and towns across the United States rely on volunteer firemen for their local fire departments. These volunteer firemen make up about 70% of the total population of firefighters in the U.S. Our campaigns are designed to beautifully present your organization. With up to 75% Profit & No Money Down why not try the The ABC Fundraising® Custom Travel Mug Fundraiser. It’s the most comprehensive and trusted online destination for fire service professionals worldwide.
If you’re fundraising for a short-term, urgent need, you’d likely find success with a quick fundraising idea to get the money in your pocket as soon as possible. With such a wide range of possible fundraising campaigns, how can you decide which is right for your needs and supporter base? To help guide your decision, we’ve compiled a list of more than 150 of our favorite, easy fundraising ideas. Bachelor auction – Time and time again bachelor auctions have been very successful ways of raising money for charity – especially when there are firefighters involved. Host this event in conjunction with a dinner or picnic and charge an admission fee for entrance.
When it’s super hot, no one wants to be outside cleaning gutters or wrenching under a car or mowing the grass. If you are not a US based organization or you cannot find your nonprofit in the list above, no worries! Finally, there are a number of dates specific to your nonprofit that you need to keep top of mind when planning your year. These are dates that are probably non-negotiable, so you’ll want to get them on your calendar ASAP. In turn, this strengthens the safety and well-being of our neighborhoods, fostering a sense of unity and pride.