Content Marketing: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Therefore, we’ve broken down 33 content marketing ideas for businesses both big and small. These content marketing ideas are fair game for anyone looking to keep their feeds from ever-growing stale. Well, marketers are required to manage multiple content types and keep them up-to-date with fresh posts. Your followers are craving new content, and you have to deliver consistently. Today’s consumers like to know who they’re doing business with, and podcasting can help listeners feel more connected to your brand. Additionally, Content Marketing allow for creativity and access to other thought leaders in your industry.
Search engines review content copy, assess its relevance, and determine whether it delivers on what the headline promises. A design agency creates short videos showcasing the variety in its work across different industries to demonstrate its diverse expertise. Businesses with blogs get 67% more leads than other companies. Smart Living Self-improvement, brands to check out and things to see and do – from food to fashion.
Think about how your customers consume content; the platforms they use, how much time they would spend reading or watching the content, where and when they might be consuming it etc. If you want it to be shared on social media, make sure you create formats that are easy to share. Some brands today have content marketing down to a science—knowing exactly what types of content to serve customers in order to get them to take their desired action. They then use content intelligence software to measure the exact impact their content is having, and adjust their strategy accordingly.
Due to varying update cycles, statistics can display more up-to-date data than referenced in the text. We share your personal information only when you give us explicit permission to do so, and confirm we have your permission each time. Content marketing addresses all of these things, giving consumers content when and where they need it.
Says Rebecca Lieb, author of Content, the Atomic Particle of Marketing, “I’ve realized that no marketing is possible without content. Social media doesn’t work without content, and neither does paid advertising. Without content, not a thing moves forward in the entire marketing landscape”. Content marketing strategies change frequently and if you aren’t keeping up, you’ll definitely get left behind. Follow industry thought leaders to make yourself aware of new strategies and tactics. Choosing what kind of format to adopt depends on the intent or use.
Plus, it makes it easier for you to give users actions that they can take without their feeling overwhelmed, and thus will increase the effectiveness of the individual post. For every single post that you write, infographic that you design or video that you create, you should have one specific goal in mind for it. That makes it much more efficient to optimize the living daylights out of that post. Your Key Performance Indicators are the essential metrics that you’ll watch in order to evaluate your progress towards your goals. These need to be specific, measurable metrics that can clearly demonstrate progress.
You may want to offer gated content to capture prospects with stronger buying intent. This is an opportunity to gather information about your leads by requiring them to fill out a form before accessing or downloading a piece of content, like a checklist, e-book, or guide. In addition to the decreased cost per lead, content marketing can bring you more leads for the money you spend.
To do this, start by thinking about your target audience and buyer personas. Revolve — a clothing and accessories company — uses paid and sponsored ads on social media to reach their target audience while they browse their news feeds. Blogs are a powerful type of inbound content and allow for a lot of creativity in terms of their purpose and topic. With a blog, you can do things like promote other internal and external content and blog articles via links, add social share buttons, and incorporate product information.